Wednesday, July 22, 2009

how to change scan action for "Generic" virus

Step I: Configure and deploy scan action for "Generic" virus type to OfficeScan clients, please do the following:
1. Open the "ofcscan.ini" file in the "\PCCSRV\" folder on the OfficeScan installation directory.
2. Under the "[Global Setting]" section, add the following keys and assign the appropriate value to each key.
[Global Setting]
{x} is the first action
{y} is the second action
Replace {x} and {y} with the value corresponding to the scan action you want to use:
0 - Pass (permanent)
1 - Rename
2 - Move
3 - Clean
4 - Delete
5 - Pass (temporary) - this is the default action in OfficeScan 8.0
[Global Setting]
3. Save the file. Open the OfficeScan server Web console and go to "Networked Computers > Global client settings" screen.
4. Click "Save" to deploy the setting to clients.
Step II. Set scan action not to use "ActiveAction"
1. Networked Computers>Client Management>Settings>Realtime-Scan Settings>Action Tab
2.Then in Realtime-Scan Settings screen, ensure that the checkboxes for both virus/malware and spyware/grayware are enabled.
3.Go to the Action Tab and select " Use a specific action for each virus/malware type". For each threat, specify your prefered scan action(ei. First Action: Clean, Second Action: Quarantine/Delete).
Note: For "Other Threat" set First Action: Clean and Second Action: (Quarantine or Delete).

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