Thursday, July 30, 2009

Network is not present or Network not started error while trying to connect to any network folder


When ever I try connect a any folder through Start >> Run and type file:// and error comes up: The Network is not present or not started in windows 2003

Service Overview:

This problem is quite unusual, as this problem basically occurs because of a windows network service is stopped.

How to fix it:
1.Open Start >> Run and type “Services.msc” ( without quotes ) and press OK
2. Locate the service named Workstation.
3. Right Click on the workstation service and select properties, you will see a window shown below.
4. Click on the Start button to start the service, starting this service will fix the trouble.

We hope solution provided above will help to fix the trouble, if you have any other solution regarding this problem please share it through comments.

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Wednesday, July 22, 2009

how to change scan action for "Generic" virus

Step I: Configure and deploy scan action for "Generic" virus type to OfficeScan clients, please do the following:
1. Open the "ofcscan.ini" file in the "\PCCSRV\" folder on the OfficeScan installation directory.
2. Under the "[Global Setting]" section, add the following keys and assign the appropriate value to each key.
[Global Setting]
{x} is the first action
{y} is the second action
Replace {x} and {y} with the value corresponding to the scan action you want to use:
0 - Pass (permanent)
1 - Rename
2 - Move
3 - Clean
4 - Delete
5 - Pass (temporary) - this is the default action in OfficeScan 8.0
[Global Setting]
3. Save the file. Open the OfficeScan server Web console and go to "Networked Computers > Global client settings" screen.
4. Click "Save" to deploy the setting to clients.
Step II. Set scan action not to use "ActiveAction"
1. Networked Computers>Client Management>Settings>Realtime-Scan Settings>Action Tab
2.Then in Realtime-Scan Settings screen, ensure that the checkboxes for both virus/malware and spyware/grayware are enabled.
3.Go to the Action Tab and select " Use a specific action for each virus/malware type". For each threat, specify your prefered scan action(ei. First Action: Clean, Second Action: Quarantine/Delete).
Note: For "Other Threat" set First Action: Clean and Second Action: (Quarantine or Delete).